205 San Justo

Property Description
205 Justo Street, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Building consists of approx.. 4,600 sq ft with 4 deeded units (separate from 2nd and 3rd floor apartments)

The property is in a busy street for food and beverage business. San Justo street is between Fortaleza Street and San Francisco Street. This historic building consists of 2 condo apartment units on 2nd and 3rd floors that are owned separately and a first-floor retail units that are deeded also separately as 4 units consisting of approximately 4,600 square feet.

The first-floor street level retail spaces are divided as 3 units on one side, being used for a restaurant and gallery with bright, striking architectural details, a welcoming entrance, high ceilings and a skylight that runs the length of the space. The two other units on that side of the space are reachable through an internal metal stairway and one unit is used as a 1bd/1bath while the other is used as office and storage.

The remainder of the first floor is a separate unit (the 4th retail unit) is used for a small restaurant.

The second and third floors are separate condo apartment units owned by other owners.

Additional Information

  • +/- 3,000 square feet on first floor one side with 3 units
  • +/- 800 square feet on first floor on the other side with 1 unit
  • The upstairs condo apartment units are approx. 2000 sq ft each and owned by other owners
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