Cherif Medawar

Meet Cherif Medawar
Owned by real estate entrepreneur and educator Cherif Medawar, Original Resources Inc. is a partner company with Cherif Medawar Real Estate Investing. Cherif Medawar Real Estate Investing, also known as CMREI, is an education and investment company. CMREI provides educational and academic services to the local, regional, and world communities. CMREI’s facilities include offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. These offices manage the training schedule & development, and the investments opportunities. CMREI conveniently facilitates live trainings in your local area at hotels and conference centers across the country and world. CMREI uses hotel banquet rooms as its classroom.
Intelligence and Your Advantage
CMREI prides itself on educating all levels of investors. CMREI trains investors to use Cherif Medawar’s Business Models to invest on their own, with the network or directly with CMREI and it’s subsidiaries. CMREI decreases the risk of investing by education and “systems”. The power of these methods continue to produce high returns and cash flow in real estate, and over 800 success stories from CMREI members.
Our Clients
CMREI investors, members, and subscribers include top Investment Bankers, Executives, Stay Home Parents, Students, Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Teachers, CPAs, Independent Consultants, Real Estate Investors, just to name a few. By joining CMREI you are immediately in the presence of an amazing group of individuals who can help you take your knowledge & investment strategies to high levels. It’s how you think and whom you surround yourself with. CMREI delivers top quality education, turnkey business models, and proven investments for all levels of students and investors. Through CMREI’s network hard-to-get information covering residential & commercial real estate strategies, business development and personal growth is at your fingertips. The CMREI Team looks forward to meeting you in person!